June 25, 2019

Ep. 089 - Filled With Wins (w. Farahdja Casseus)

Growth is a truly courageous if not to say very painful process.

We talk a lot on this program about the patience and willingness to grow out of your comfort zone, to break out of your own shell, to go after your true desires and to step into your true Self...but it would be quite foolish to not be reminded of the true pain, anxiety and struggle that comes along with us on this powerful journey.

As a Transformational Nutrition Coach, Chef, Life Coach and all-round delightful being, my next guest, Farahdja Casseus can certainly attest to such uncomfortable truths.

In this warm-hearted as well as revealing conversation, we touch on her own battles with personal demons, limiting beliefs, owning up to one's responsibility in the process and cherishing the rewards of coming out the other end...filled with wins.

A powerful exchange, which I hope you'll enjoy.

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