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This is Awaken The Awesome - a podcast where we acknowledge that we are all in this together. Through enlightening conversations and personal insights, your host Olivier Day, aims to connect with and introduce you to individuals, just like you, who show us how they are bringing a little bit of Awesomeness in their individual journeys. Our hope is to inspire you to always keep pushing, and to Stay Awesome along the way.

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Ep. 158 - On Overwhelm

7 days ago

Haven't made a episode in awhile. Felt appropriate to bring these observations to you as I had been dealing with my own fair share of mental exhaustion hence my obvious absence from the interwebs. Hope that these words find you well and that you can find them useful, however small. Enjoy. #StayAwesome #ATATribe - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Connect with us // Facebook : Instagram : Email : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Our full back catalog of episodes is also available on your favorite platforms : Apple Podcasts : Spotify : Google Podcasts : Stitcher :

Ep. 157 - RISE Through The Fear (w. Robert Wise)

Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

It's been a long time Tribe, and I hope you will forgive this necessary hiatus as I have had to handle some personal matters and take some needed time off the radar. Excited to be back in the lab, ready to bring you yet another powerful conversation with another Awesome guest. With a noticeably infectious energy and an explosive appetite to connect with his fellow human being, I could not help but just LOVE Robert Wise since our first conversation. Robert is one of those chaps that is SO full of genuine love, care and empathy, you can't it help but just be humbled and ready to reciprocate. Robert is the Founder and President of Robert Wise Coaching. As a high performing Sales & Mentor Coach, specializing Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Sales Training and Company Wellness Workshops, he helps businesses (no matter how big or small) figure out the shortcomings of their current process and create a pragmatic action plan to help them achieve their goals. As a fellow podcaster, author and Motivational Speaker, this guy is such a gem of a human being - seriously. His passion for listening, opening up his heart and expertise to create the necessary space for just being a helping hand and welcome ear to listen to is a powerful testament to his generosity. He is also the founder of the RISE Anxiety & Depression Clinic where he and his diverse network of psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and certified coaches provide help for anxiety, stress, depression and much more. On this episode, we touch on vulnerability, admitting and acknowledging our fears, connecting with our inner child, and a fun exchange between to avid fans of Archie comics.     You can connect with Robert through his various outlets around the web such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or his main Website. Also, be sure to tune in and Subscribe to his YouTube Channel, as well his podcast: The Wise Way To Success. Enjoy. #StayAwesome #ATATribe - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Connect with us // Facebook : Instagram : Email : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Our full back catalog of episodes is also available on your favorite platforms : Apple Podcasts : Spotify : Google Podcasts : Stitcher :  

[SPECIAL FEATURE] - Teach Reach Podcast w. host: Tanguy Exumé / Ep. 5 - Awaken The Awesome : Olivier Day

Friday Sep 17, 2021

Greetings, Awesome Tribe. No need to adjust your podcast player - this is a just a little nugget of a surprise for you all. As you may have heard, if you follow me on Social Media, I had to take a step back and pull the brakes on pretty much everything as I had been struggling with a lot. As much of a resilient person as I am, it was important to admit to myself that I may have been taking on too much...podcast included. Took some time off to recenter and it's during this period that my good friend Tanguy reached out and extended and invitation to be on his Teach Reach podcast. It was a 'leap' of sorts as I pretty much didn't know if I was even in the mood to be a guest but my dedication to showing for my friends and being the support that they need was the motivation to sit down with a fellow Awesome soul and have a conversation. What a phenomenal exchange it was. Can't tell you how thrilling it was to be sharing with such a skilled and gracious host. Have a listen. I guarantee you'll enjoy it and then some! Thanks to Tanguy for an amazing exchange. #StayAwesome

Ep. 156 - Take Action (w. Christopher Salador)

Thursday Jul 22, 2021

  I know I say often about all of my guests, but I cannot set aside how incredibly excited I am about today's conversation. This meetup was WAY overdue as my next guest and I had connected some years ago, even before the pandemic, and he has since become an incredible source of support, wisdom, kindness and inspiration.  Christopher Salador is not just an expert Realtor with a proven track record spanning almost two decades. He also stands out as a gifted trainer, speaker, consultant and prolific content creator.  His YouTube channel, which I highly recommend you subscribe to, is a worthy resource for both beginners as seasoned investors looking to get some useful and applicable tools to further their Real Estate knowledge. On this episode, Christopher brings some energetic and powerful perspectives on the audacity to dream, embracing the uncertainty, purposely shifting one's mindset...and so much more. You can connect with Christopher via his Website, Facebook, or Instagram Also, be sure to tune in and Subscribe to his YouTube Channel for incredible insights and tips on getting your Real Estate adventure to the next level. Enjoy. #StayAwesome #ATATribe

Ep. 155 - Truths To Be Told (w. LaToi Storr)

Tuesday Jun 29, 2021

It was always my goal with this podcast to bring you people and stories reminding you that you have more in common with those that you admire than you care to give yourself credit for. In that regard, I found that the best way to do that is to introduce you to a couple of individuals, off the beaten path, whose warm generosity and powerful insights can offer just the right amount of perspective and guidance to help you along the way. In conversation with my next guest, LaToi Storr, I couldn't help but feel a great sense of respect and appreciation. As a Lifestyle Blogger, Speaker, Self-Care Queen, Anxiety Crusher and fellow Podcaster, Toi's incredible skill with sharing her story with words of sheer vulnerability and raw truth can leave some uncomfortable. Something she's well aware of. Whether we're talking about post-partum depression, where to find the time to be creative, the accountability required to own our responsibility in toxic situations,...we all have something we can learn from one another and I believe that these are the more human conversations that need to be had.  See, with all the noise and comparison that we often fall prey to, it's easy to believe that we are so messed up or damaged or unworthy, that we are the only ones going through what we're going through. If you're one of those people convinced that there is nothing that special about you, your story or your particular journey, then today's episode is for you. You can connect with Toi via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or her Blog. Be sure to listen and Subscribe to her pocast, Conversations With Toi, available on Enjoy. #StayAwesome #ATATribe Also available on your favorite platforms : Apple Podcasts : Spotify : Google Podcasts : Stitcher :

[REBROADCAST] - Ep. 053 - Happiness. Hard Work. No Excuses. (w. Stéphane Bazin)

Tuesday May 18, 2021

*This episode originally aired on August 2nd, 2018* On this episode, I setup some folding chairs and sit down (well, virtually anyway...) with the always entertaining and always exciting Stéphane Bazin, of Bazin Photography. As a successful photographer, podcaster, instructor and seasoned entrepreneur, this guy does indeed have a legitimate  sense of perspective which I wanted to tap into for this discussion. We were exchanging rather intensely about the realization that most people, despite their best intention, often seem to neglect one of the most basic elements of achieving one's goals ...and that, we both had to agree, as ridiculous as it sounds, simply boils to just DO THE WORK. Because 'The Grind' never stops. A lively and ever-so engaging exchange that was definitely a blast thanks to Stéphane's always incredible personality and impactful insight. You can connect with Stéphane via Instagram on both his personal feed and/or business page. Also on the Bazin Photography Facebook page. I do hope you enjoy this conversation as we've enjoyed bringing it to you.   #ATATribe #StayAwesome Also available on your favorite platforms : Apple Podcasts : Spotify : Google Podcasts : Stitcher :

Ep. 154 - Embrace The Adventure (w. Mel Vandersluis)

Sunday Apr 25, 2021

Mel Vandersluis is one of those incredible people that crosses your path and does not fail to leave a positive impression.  We had randomly connected on a previous occasion and, even though it wasn't my initial intention, our conversation made such an impact on me, I felt compelled to extend a humble invitation to have her on the program. Mel is a truly talented travel photographer, content creator and entrepreneur based in Montreal, Canada. With a passion for sharing the beauty of the world through her amazing images, her creativity and sense of purpose have not only earned the trust of an impressive catalog of high profile clients and brands, but also seduced an equally impressive amount of followers on Instagram. Can't tell you guys how thrilled I am about this one. In this period of forced isolation and notable dependency on our devices as well as Social Media platforms, I believe Mel is definitely a knowledgeable resource as her particular vantage point can help us be more mindful of our personal wellbeing during these trying times. On this episode, Mel shares her personal insights on creating balance, the importance of journaling, embracing the chaos, digital detox and so much more... You can connect with Mel via Instagram as well as her official website. Enjoy. #StayAwesome #ATATribe Also available on your favorite platforms : Apple Podcasts : Spotify : Google Podcasts : Stitcher :

Ep. 153 - Moving & Evolving (w. Xavier De Le Rue)

Tuesday Apr 13, 2021

  When I was a kid, we watched this wonderful, iconic movie titled "Le Grand Bleu"(or "The Big Blue" in English) starring Jean Reno and Jean-Marc Barr. It's the beautiful, poetic and tragic story of the rivalry and what some would call a bond between two individuals who, through their chosen passion for free-diving, were not just competitors but also friends. I'm not gonna give you a long synopsis : if you care to see what happens when talent meets obsession, while also fuelled by the thirst to always push past your limits...just watch it. I bring this up because, for some reason, in trying to find the right words to properly introduce today's guest, I struggled. Not because the words wouldn't come, but more because of this weird comparison that I could not shake off as I truly thought this was an appropriate visual for today's particular exchange. I came across Xavier De Le Rue's truthfully incredible career as I was randomly playing a documentary on YouTube and his name got mentioned in passing. I would not have paid much mind to it had it not been for two particular details : First - he's got a really cool name. Second - ...there's just something about surviving an avalanche that I find interesting... An established icon of Extreme snowboarding, Xavier's love and skills for both powder and big mountain riding have achieved worldwide recognition. Indeed, as a 3x Freeride Champion, 4x Boarder Cross World Champion, X-Games Boarder-X Champion, he boasts an incredible career spanning over decades.  But don't let the celebrity and notoriety fool you : Xavier has also used his voice to further the efforts towards addressing the climate crisis by hosting The Sustainability Dialogues podcast with Dr. Johan Rockström and is also a dedicated family man, something we touch on in the latter part of the episode. I am not an athlete but I have an undeniable respect and appreciation for those individuals, the peak performers, who, in every sense of the word are willing to lay it all out on the line for that one moment of unmistakable passion that gets them up in the morning. On this episode, and with a generosity I am immensely grateful for, Xavier shares his incredible insight on the real dangers of the sport that are often overlooked behind the rockstar image, the passion that keeps fuelling him despite his already incredible journey, how skill and luck can coexist, trusting your gut, finding that moment of peace within our own lives...and so much more   Also available on your favorite platforms : Apple Podcasts : Spotify : Google Podcasts : Stitcher :

Ep. 152 - Make The Why Your Compass (w. Dr. Alister Martin, MD, MPP)

Tuesday Mar 30, 2021

  Really excited to be back with you guys as we get to speak with an incredible individual with a truly remarkable story that stands out as a true example of both passion and purpose. From his humble New Jersey beginnings,  and by overcoming his fair share of personal struggles, Dr. Alister Martin's own sense determination and fierce conviction eventually led him to both an MD from Harvard Medical School as well as a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School. He is an emergency physician who straddles the worlds of medicine, public health, and social justice. He is also faculty at the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Social Justice and Health Equity at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Martin previously served as Chief Resident at MGH/Brigham Hospital. He now leverages his background in politics, healthcare policy, and the field of behavioural economics to use the ED as a place to build programs that serve the needs of vulnerable patients. He leads programs that: transition homeless patients into permanent supportive housing, get patients struggling with addiction into recovery, and offer patients who are unregistered voters the opportunity to register to vote through a program called VotER.  His work has been written about in the Boston Globe as well as NPR. I'm honoured for Dr. Martin's generous time in being on the podcast as we discuss the selflessness of caring for our fellow human being, the importance of vision and purpose, being solution-driven when wanting to solve problems, relentless mindset...and so much more. Dr. Martin's incredible parting quote : "Lately I have come to the conclusion, and you may disagree, that pretty much every experience we have moves us either toward life or away from it. There are some things that suck the life out of you, that make you feel smaller and less human, that alienate you from yourself; they calcify your fear and carve a monument out of your emptiness. Then there are those that bring you closer to life, that grow in you the desire to create, to nurture, to see beautiful things and become them. This is the love that increases your attachment to people and animals, makes you smile at children or go outside to see the moon. Every experience is either life-affirming or life-denying. There is just one trick. It sometimes happens that to move toward love — true, active, life-affirming love — means to move toward death."   Also available on your favorite platforms : Apple Podcasts : Spotify : Google Podcasts : Stitcher :

[REBROADCAST] - Ep. 018 - Stop underselling the merchandise

Monday Mar 29, 2021

*This episode originally aired on February 15th, 2018*   A rapid-fire solo episode where I take 2 seconds to look at negative self-talk in the eye. Enjoy.   #ATATribe #StayAwesome   Also available on your favorite platforms : Apple Podcasts : Spotify : Google Podcasts : Stitcher :

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