"Grind while they sleep"
"Don't stay in bed unless you can make money in bed"
"Sleep when you're dead"
How many of these memes, quotes or photos have you seen lately glorifying the almighty "Hustle"?
I sure have. I've even shared a couple myself. You guys know I never set aside the importance of having to put in the work and sacrifice to achieve your intended success.
Today's conversation however, gave me pause as it left me full of respect, humility and hope. Thing is, my next guest, Ian Farrar, had experienced the ups and downs of an incredible career in a way that very few people can truly understand.
As a sales professional, entrepreneur and founder of Far North Ltd and Carpeway Ltd, Ian has over 20 years in global business development roles.  With a strong, global network of influential contacts to call on, Ian has founded, scaled and exited companies in his native North East.  Ian also has impressive experience holding non-executive directorships for public sector organizations.
As a self-confessed Social Evangelist, Ian embraces relationships across many social platforms.  Founding and hosting the UK’s top-ranking business podcast Industry Angel, saw Ian nominated for a 2016 European influencer award alongside juggernauts Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris.
As an accomplished keynote speaker, Ian often shares his burn out experience that landed him pushing through business meetings with beta blockers and ultimately collapsing in the hospital.  
Ian subsequently fired himself from corporate life in 2015.  With a calling to share his thoughts on culture and leadership, Ian speaks passionately about the need for leaders to protect their teams from workplace stress. In addition, Ian also explains his love of personal branding through content creation and calls for his audience to begin their own projects as "no one is coming to save you".
This incredible conversation was a blessing in disguise. Ian's personal account was a welcome reminder that we have an inherent responsibility to take care of our mental health and that success, however that looks for you, should not come at the expense of your personal wellbeing. 
You can connect with Ian via TwitterFacebook, YouTube as well as his official website.
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I believe there's a huge difference between collaborating with your significant other as spouses as opposed to running a business together.
Some things just do not mix. Those are my own personal reservations and I'm sure I'm not the only one in that regard.
But, there are those who subscribe to the other school of thought: with the emphasis that building and running a business with your spouse can be a welcome opportunity for creativity, team-building, resourcefulness and yes, even strengthened intimacy.
I never shy away from the opportunity to admit what I don't know and to learn a thing or two. Which is what got me pretty excited when I linked up and invited my next guests, Liz & Philippe, to be on the program. 
As the founders and owners of the amazingly inspiring and aptly-named Dueling Cups Coffee & Tea, this husband & wife dynamic duo were a gem to sit down and talk to. Indeed, getting the perspective from two people who took a dream and made it their commitment to execute and materialize, come what may was pretty inspiring.
From Liz's conviction to listen to The Universe and take the Leap to Phil's initially fearful yet supportive involvement, to the two of them bringing their dream to a successful light, such a breath of energy and truth cannot be understated.
On this episode, Liz & Phil give us a firsthand look into the ups and downs of building a business from scratch, the relentless mindset, the importance of teamwork, believing in yourself as well as each other and so much more...
You can connect with Liz & Philippe via Facebook, YouTubeInstagram, as well as their official website.

*This episode originally aired on February 18th, 2020*
Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs, and among the latter is the isolation.

The fact that you put in so many insane hours can get maddening at times. So when someone out there in The Universe drops a comment...sends a DM...an email...or shares a review...Believe me - a guy is quite appreciative.

This is, in a nutshell, how I met and got to connect with my next guest, Erika Darbouze, and felt quite taken with her journey both as an Entrepreneur and business-owner.

You guys probably think I'm joking when I tell you this but I truly do read all of your comments. And it's throughout our various exchanges, when I came to embrace a fellow achiever's Awesome journey as something that I personally considered near and dear to my heart, that I thought : "Why not have her on the podcast as well...?"

Erika is the founder and CEO of Haiti's Corner, a B2B Export Marketing Firm, whose mission is aimed at introducing and promoting the Haitian Culture to the world through its impressive catalog of brands and various products.

As you'll soon discover, Erika is a definite and powerful example of how one can align skill, training, resourcefulness and dedication to a righteous and noble cause.

On this empowering episode, we discuss the importance of not watering down one's heritage, personal truth, dedication to the bigger picture, and how mindset is the keystone of success.

When you find yourself in the fortunate position to walk a path of genuine purpose and truth, you're already ahead of the pack.


You can connect with Erika via InstagramFacebook, Linkedin as well the Haiti's Corner official website.

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Today's episode is a rather heartwarming one.

Thing is, when this podcast started, I didn't know what I was getting into. I just simply ran with what I had and made the best of it.

Along the journey however, of the many incredible experiences that have come forth, one that has always humbled me is the genuine friendships I've managed to build. Indeed, people who initially started out as perfect strangers, eventually, through the random yet fortunate blessings of The Universe, have become some of the most vocal supporters of this podcast.

Which is why I'm particularly thrilled to welcome back my friend, Naike Saint-Pierre, to the podcast.

Naike has always stood out to me as a person of amazing energy and wisdom. As a Health Coach, Entrepreneur and Mother, she has always been an example of the many possibilities that are available to us when we align our energy with our purpose.

Her passion for smoothies, vegan recipes, crystals and the wonderful gifts that Nature provides have always helped me see this world around us in a different light.

In these incredibly challenging times, she was definitely the person I wanted to reach out to in order to help me, and hopefully some you, perhaps make better sense of the often overwhelming sense of stress, confusion and toxic internal dialogue that we've become way too familiar with in this 'New Normal'.

On this episode, Naike's calm, nurturing and wise spirit brings some much needed clarity as we discuss healthy mental health habits, protecting your space, confinement while having to take care of your kids and run your business, owning up to your truth...and so much more.

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*This episode originally aired on October 22nd, 2018 *

"I'm not interested in talking about your rap sheet" I told him.
Sure. It would have been easy and simple to make this a conversation layered with stories about his less precarious past. Anecdotes about his run-ins with the law, to local gangs, to friends that are not with us anymore, to pushing, to incarceration...
That, in my opinion was an easy route and consequentially a small thread in the tapestry that defines my next guest's journey.
Indeed, though his work as a poet, author, speaker, youth counselor and International Arms Dealer(not the kind you're thinking of), Svens Telemaque stood out to me as a true testament in regards to the fact that we truly are not defined by our past circumstances - but are certainly shaped by them.
This exchange was a long time coming as I'd been meaning to have Svens on the podcast for quite a long time. I'll admit he'd been added rather early to the increasingly long list of potential guests I'd been considering for this program.
What eventually transpired was a truly powerful, engaging and at times vulnerable exchange with an individual who, even having clearly connected with his sense of purpose, is still actively learning to strike the balance between his personal frailties and his mission to serve.
I'm thankful to Svens for his many lessons in courage, resilience and accountability throughout this amazing exchange.
You can connect with Svens via his Instagram pageTwitterFacebook or official website.
Bookings and speaking engagements should forwarded directly to the following email address:
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Samantha Kris is an international success coach, as well as a successful author and speaker. By her own account, she thrives in helping others take action. It’s what has powered her business, her book, her incredible TEDx talk, her proprietary goal setting methodology, and every opportunity that followed.
Indeed, her REAL Goals™ method of goal setting earned her five promotions in five years, enabled her to double her income in that time, and propelled her into the life of an entrepreneur. With so many achievements, one can certainly agree that her approach and ability to help people and projects realize their full potential has shaped her into a true agent for change.
Samantha is also the founder of the Bossing Up movement, a community that empowers each other to harness their hunger for more and create opportunities for themselves and others.
In these times of obvious uncertainty and questioning ourselves, it serves to be reminded by someone with such an impressive track record, that the most important step towards our most incredible goals is our relentless commitment to them.
On this episode, Samantha shares some incredible gems on seizing the opportunities that come our way, not making excuses for who we are as individuals, the power and importance of goal setting(Obviously)...and so much more.
You can connect with Samantha via FacebookInstagram, as well as her official website.


Do you truly know the price of Success? 
I want you to take a second to ponder on that one...You don't have to give me an answer...but I do expect you to at the very least think about it as we welcome my next guest who, as you'll soon get to hear, has in more ways than one not only paid the price but eventually, after some soul-searching and eventual clarity, decided to say "Enough" and call it a day.
As a producer, songwriter, keyboard virtuoso and well-rounded musical talent, Karlo Vieux is a founding member of the iconic, chart-topping Haitian Kompa band CARIMI who, along with fellow founders & bandmates Richard Cavé and Michael Guirand, burst onto the scene with a fresh, innovative sound that shook the airwaves to their core. Whether you were a seasoned or passive Kompa listener back in the day, you had to admit it: there was a new player in town.
With Karlo having penned and produced many of the group's generation-defining hits such as "Mwen Sou", "Chagrin Criminel", and of course, "Ayiti(Bang Bang)", CARIMI set itself on a 15-yr journey that saw the group rise from young upstarts to an obvious force to be reckoned with. 
But, behind the accolades, recognition, awards, praise, fame and fortune...we as fans often lose sight of the fact that these are people who, as such and like us, are in now way immune from the trials and tribulations of Life.
Seeing your dream come true as a result of your incredible efforts, impressive talent, relentless commitment, and often understated sacrifice is certainly an achievement to be acknowledged. But when you realize the price tag may amount to more than you're admittedly willing to pay, you have a choice to make.
After 15yrs of giving it all to the fans, and following his own heart by staying true his values, Karlo made the difficult but clear decision to end his run with CARIMI, choosing instead to focus his time and energy on his family and personal wellbeing.
In this generously transparent account, Karlo, having long-since moved on, pulls no punches as we get a first-hand account into his incredible journey. Chronicling how his relentless work ethic, undeniable talent and willingness to lay it all out on the line eventually led to some career-defining moments...but also some pretty heart-wrenching ones. 
Through his own words, we get to meet the man, the husband, the father, the entrepreneur, the stoic warrior...as he gives us his perspective on enjoying a hobby versus running a business, the traps of the Industry, the toll of fame on friends & family, listening to your heart...and so much more.
You can connect with Karlo via Linkedin.


Admit it - you guys knew very well that it was only going to be a matter of time before I would have him back on the program.
From our first recording together, which you most definitely should check out(Ep. 125)Max De La Cruz and I have certainly aligned on many levels. From the warrior's mindset, to childishly getting a laugh out of the little whimsical things that occur in our everyday lives, to the undeniable demands of fatherhood, to furthering the necessary conversations about mental health among men...I can quite honestly admit I've made a new friend.
This next recording is very much the product of this mutual energy and respect. As we were candidly exchanging back and forth over DM, we eventually got to bounce off different observations in regards to another topic we were both quite versed in : Marriage & Long-Term relationships. 
We realized that a lot of the stuff we were discussing could be useful to people and, as these things do, when I asked Max if he'd be up for a comeback episode to dive into this topic, he didn't flinch and graciously accepted my invitation to return on the podcast.
On this episode, Max & I take get personal and share our frank perspective about the state of long-term relationships, how one's core values have a decisive impact on your marriage, the challenges of accepting your partner's differences and needs, accepting our faults as Men...and so much more.
You can connect with Max via FacebookInstagram, as well as YouTube.

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On this Solo episode, a call to action dedicated to all of you in need of that 'nudge' towards your Next Level.
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The entrepreneurial mindset is made up of a diverse array of essential aspects. We can talk about the patience and resilience that are necessary in order to overcome the unavoidable roadblocks that will surely arise when one chooses to go after their dream. Or the importance of never losing sight of one’s vision while toiling away and trying to fit the right pieces together in order to make said dream a reality.
These details certainly did not escape my next guest, Jeff Policard, whose story I'm thrilled to share with you on the program. 
Born and raised in Haiti, Jeff grew up in a traditional household with the added blessing of an emphasis on music, given that Jeff's father is an iconic Jazz pianist and composer. With a definite passion to create, Jeff eventually emigrated to US to further his education and earn his degree.
By the merit of his own incredible efforts and despite some difficult circumstances, Jeff is currently the CEO of Cool Ideas Marketing, a dynamic and energetic Marketing firm aimed at providing their clients with the most innovative ideas and concepts to help their company reach its goals and beyond.
Jeff is also a dedicated husband and father, a role that he takes tremendous pride in and, by his own words, continues to fuel his daily efforts.
On this heartwarming and fun exchange, we get to hear Jeff's incredible journey as well as the many chapters and lessons that spawned from it: from stepping out from under our parent's shadow, to the resourcefulness that one has to develop when building a company from scratch, staying true to one's self, always putting in the work...and so much more.
You can connect with Jeff via InstagramLinkedInYouTube as well as his official website.
Also check out and subscribe to Jeff's "Getting Social" podcast available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
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