You don't just wake up one day and have Success simply waiting for you on the breakfast table.

If there's anything to be gained from the powerful conversations I've had the privilege to share with you so far, it's the very real fact that Success is not a coincidence, not an event, but a mindset.

To seek, speak, embody and achieve Success is a truly powerful endeavor. It takes patience, dedication, grit, humility and the will to stay persistent through the good times and the bad.

For those who have chosen to walk the path of personal growth and achievement, there happens to a word that plainly resonates with us all and defines this particular state of mind: 

we call them winners.

An empowering disposition that has defined my next guest, David Germain, and journey from humble childhood beginnings to a top-level Real Estate broker, savvy investor,  motivational speaker, youth counselor and all-around impactful being.

David's intense, no nonsense yet always humble words were such a welcome treat as we discussed the importance of not letting your origins define your destination, freeing yourself from your own limiting beliefs, being relentless with your vision and efforts, and so much more...

You can connect with David via his official Instagram page as well as his official website.

You can also contact David directly at :

July 30, 2019

Ep. 093 - Tic. Toc.

On this solo episode - Reiterating the importance of consideration and mindfulness when choosing who and what we spend our most valuable resource on.

Thank you for listening.

There are a myriad of reasons why one choses to venture towards his or her dream.

Throughout these conversations, I've had the opportunity to take notes and realize that, despite their various backgrounds, individual journeys, respective challenges and personal struggles...a common and undeniable keystone to their relentless pursuit boils down to a very simple word : Love.

Love - simply and unapologetically put - is the guiding compass that has consistently kept my next guest on her path and allowed her to keep growing as a talented singer and songwriter.

With a bubbly personality and warm energy that you just can't help but get a kick out of, Solara and I had the opportunity to share a great conversation, as we often do on this program, where she gave us a gracious tour of Life from her vantage point. 

From her coffee addiction, to her family roots, to her incredible love for Haitian culture, to her commitment to her ongoing and future projects, this was truly a gem of a conversation - one which I do hope you'll enjoy.

When they say 'you should check on your strong friend', that is very true. Immediate family, relatives, close we ever really know how the other person is doing or what they're going through?

This is a close description of how one text from me to my long-time friend, Emmanuelle Elie, led to this very emotionally-charged episode.

When all I did was send a random, fun-filled 'Hi/How're you?'...I wasn't prepared for the reply.

Emmanuelle sent me a photo from her hospital bed. With a short comment that went along the lines of : "...when we give everything to our children ...and neglect our own health...been in the hospital for 3 days..."

That shook me. In more ways than one. A lot of them having to do whith the fact that Emma, stands on her own as a dedicated, nurturing and tireless mother.

The thing about parenting and having kids, is that you hear a lot about the love, patience, sacrifice...

...but as anyone with children will tell you: you can't really understand until you're really in it.

Emma reached out to me as she wanted to share her very honest thoughts about the side of parenting and motherhood that often gets brushed off to the side for the benefit of being the best parents we can be...but at a cost that, left unchecked, can have some pretty heavy consequences.

A powerful exchange where one has to also realize than even superheroes need a helping hand.

You've heard a lot about that ever-so decisive moment where your desires, ambitions, curiosity and fear of the unknown all come down to a very simple but nonetheless frightening moment.

In the catalog of words that could be used to refer to this make-it or break-it instance in one's journey, my guest actually chose to boil it down to its simplicity : she calls it The Leap. 

As a seasoned radio announcer, podcaster, audio production queen and cake lover, Tiffany Rouge, who'd much rather go by Tiff, was a real treat to have on the podcast to talk about this very impactful topic.

In this gray area called Life, Tiff aims to add a little bit of color which she does so delightfully whether on the air or on her amazing Miss Adventurous podcast where she publishes conversations that will make you see the world in a different, profound perspective.

In this conversation, we get a front row seat as Tiff shares her very real and honest journey after deciding to quite literally take the proverbial Leap towards a new chapter, a new life and new beginnings.

Growth is a truly courageous if not to say very painful process.

We talk a lot on this program about the patience and willingness to grow out of your comfort zone, to break out of your own shell, to go after your true desires and to step into your true Self...but it would be quite foolish to not be reminded of the true pain, anxiety and struggle that comes along with us on this powerful journey.

As a Transformational Nutrition Coach, Chef, Life Coach and all-round delightful being, my next guest, Farahdja Casseus can certainly attest to such uncomfortable truths.

In this warm-hearted as well as revealing conversation, we touch on her own battles with personal demons, limiting beliefs, owning up to one's responsibility in the process and cherishing the rewards of coming out the other end...filled with wins.

A powerful exchange, which I hope you'll enjoy.

I have no words to tell you guys how incredibly excited I am to share today's conversation with you. 

I did not know of my next guest until 48 hours preceding this recording. As The Universe, Energy and a little sprinkle of Instagram randomness would have it - sometimes, all you gotta do is try something out and see what you end up with.

What started with a recently-released short film on Vimeo, quickly shifted to me ferociously tracking down the creator, and eventually, sooner rather than later, the both us were intensely texting back and forth about how we could collaborate and lo and behold, his grace and warmth ended up on this humble fan's podcast as a new guest. 

Originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with a noticeably whimsical personality that is only matched by his incredible body of work, Steven Baboun is the kind of individual that, admittedly, will not be ignored. 

As a photographer, writer, visual artist, filmmaker, his art is aimed at unveiling, challenging, and exploring social topics in Haiti such as social class, racism, queerness, identity, and religion. All very specific if not to say quite controversial elements of a society that has yet to come to terms with them.

This conversation left me both moved and emotionally charged. Steven words, spoken with a passion and vulnerability that can only come from a place of sincere self-awareness, allowed for an incredible exchange where we discussed his upbringing, his inspiration, his personal traumas, his ambitions, his love for his native land...and so much more.

A terrific exchange which I do hope you'll enjoy.

I've often mentioned on and off the air how these conversations are born just as much from my curiosity to get to see the world from guests' perspective as they are from my willingness to learn a thing or two from their impactful experience.

This conversation was no different.

I've wanted to have Vincent Gutta on the program for some time now.

With over a decade of expertise as High-Level Real Estate Broker, Vincent has the kind of energy that is impossible to ignore. 

Always a kind smile, always the impeccable gentleman, truly laser-focused on his goals and ferociously dedicated to serving his clients' needs...Vince is a true champion as example of living one's best Life...and he does it, as you'll soon find simply and consistently saying Yes!

This was quite the heartfelt conversation, filled with touching insights, practical tips and even some fun routines which you'll discover at the's all there and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You can connect with Vincent via his official Instagram page , Facebook page well as his official website

I have a tremendous respect for the Military. Truly.

Anytime you want to take an example where values of commitment, consistency and teamwork are the core elements of the job at hand - you can't leave out those individuals, men and women, whose service and sacrifice allow us the freedoms that we enjoy and oftentimes take for granted.

I had to opportunity to meet and connect with my next guest, Mr Dave Morrow (M.A., BSc., BEd., CD) at a recent Rogers Small Business Centres Speaker Series event.

It was my first time ever attending an actual networking event so I didn't quite know what to expect out of it but after the keynote, we got to chat up about about mutual interests.

As it goes with most people I've had on this program, Dave had a really cool story to tell.

From being a fifteen year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, an Afghan war veteran, to being a teacher, which also ranks one of those selfless vocations we talked about, as well as a Crossfit'd think that quite enough to talk about.

But no, there's more - as the author of The Nimble Warrior, a guide serving the veteran and first-responder community towards increasing performance and reducing injury, Dave is also the host of the HRD2KILL podcast where he and an amazing array guests share their stories of mindset, grit, resilience and other essential skills for a strong way of life.

Another amazing conversation which I do hope you'll enjoy.

Purpose is a truly precious thing. The word gets thrown around a lot but, in my experience, it's rather elusive from how often misunderstood it happens to be.

My next guest, Brad Bodnarchuk, just happens to know a thing or two about this very common yet decisive intersection in one's journey towards growth and purpose.

With a love for both people and food dating back as far as he can remember,  suffice to say that Brad is a veteran of the food industry. Having since switched gears of sorts, his current mission has him working alongside restaurateurs as an established restaurant consultant  specializing in Team management, Branding, Marketing, and Planning, bridging the obvious yet often overlooked gap between a food service operation's unique set of challenges and opportunities.

As successful Entrepreneur, Business owner, father and host of the very successful Half A Dozen Hospitality podcast, Brad has set a course for himself that clearly expresses his sense of personal truth and courageous growth.

When you're fortunate enough to live, breathe, and embrace your purpose, you've got the makings of a very blessed life indeed..

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