What do avocados, distributed ledger technology and purposeful dedication have in common?

I struggled a lot in my last years of high school as well as throughout College. What resulted was that even though I am a strong advocate for Academia, for the longest time, I carried a strong sense of personal underachievement compared to individuals who maximised their academic potential, opportunities and endeavours in order to accomplish some pretty incredible things.

This is definitely something that caught my eye when I came across an interview my next guest gave on another podcast and the level of knowledge, expertise and overall sense of purpose that she was so powerfully and eloquently sharing left me floored.

Originally from Haiti, Genevieve Leveille, is the principal founder and CEO of AgriLedger, a blockchain solution which has been used to support and allow Haitian fruit farmers, customers, and families to reap the benefits of fairer prices and improved food security.

An innovative entrepreneur, global speaker and technology maven, with a background in corporate and institutional banking, she has more than 25 years’ experience dealing with large corporations and banks in financial supply chain optimization. With a reputation for the delivery of disruptive technologies in large-scale projects, Genevieve is recognized as an authority in the realm of digital identity and financial transformation. Exploring the powers of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) for over three years, her work in the financial inclusion for Africa is well known.

She serves as the vice-chair for the techUK Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) Working Group, an organization that provides strategic direction for all UK activities related to blockchain and DLT and is an inaugural member of the Advisory Group for the Estonian Government’s eResidency initiative for the digital identity. She has spoken on emerging technologies at numerous high-profile conferences around the world.

I can't tell you how incredibly intimidated it felt to sit across such a guest with such an incredible pedigree.

On this episode, I go back to school - literally - as Genevieve's wealth of information and expertise shed some light on issues that hit close to home for me, specifically the ways in which we as everyday consumers have our role to play in the global food supply chain, the new technologies ensuring fair compensation for farmers and distributors, as well her incredible example of resilience and singular purpose...this was an incredible interview to start out the year.

You can connect with Genevieve via Linkedin as well as her official website


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#StayAwesome #ATATribe

Just taking the time to show gratitude and celebrate that journey for how far it's come and how far it will go.
Thank you to every single one of you for the continued support.
"It's not over until I win." - Les Brown
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#StayAwesome #ATATribe

Every time I hit 'Publish' and an episode gets released into The Universe, I often take pause - and realize that it's still there. I'm talking about that wonderful sense of excitement, gratitude, and respect that has always characterized every one of these amazing interviews.

It's a humbling thing to realize that, behind the achievements, the celebrity, the notoriety, the expertise, if one is willing to humble yourself and listen, you have the opportunity to get to know an incredible human being.

Today's guest is no different.

I had been a big fan of my next guest for a really long time as I greatly admired this warrior's journey.

As a back-to-back CrossFit Games World Cup Champion(2012, 2013) Michael Cazayoux is no stranger to the importance of one's mindset when overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

As a Coach, being well-accustomed to the unique process of self-examination, he specializes in helping clients “get out of their own way” by identifying self-limiting beliefs and ineffective behaviors. He could certainly draw from personal experience as at the age of 17, Michael moved from a small town in Louisiana to Utah for drug rehabilitation to overcome his addiction to opiates. It was that experience that led him to fall in love with CrossFit and most importantly helping others on a personal level through coaching and mentoring.

In 2014, Michael co-founded Brute Strength, a company that specializes in developing physical training programs for athletes. Over the years, he has coached A-List NFL and MLB players as well as CrossFit Games athletes in everything from power and speed development to injury prevention, nutrition and mindset. 

He also started the Brute Strength Podcast(which was recently rebranded as The Michael Caz Podcast)  where he’s interviewed many of the biggest names in health and fitness and has reached nearly 5 million downloads.

In 2015, Michael met his wife, Adee, founder/CEO of Working Against Gravity(WAG),an online nutrition consulting program dedicated to helping athletes and everyday people transform their lives. 

Having sold Brute Strength to his business partner in 2018, Michael is now acting full-time president of WAG where he currently focuses on marketing, leadership and nutrition coaching..

On this impactful episode, Michael shares his incredible perspective on commitment, acceptance, compassion, parenting, dedication and so much more. A jam-packed episode, which I do hope you'll enjoy.

You can connect with Michael via Instagram as well the WAG official website.



I was pretty much convinced that this conversation was going to be about Fitness, Nutrition, Breath Work and healthy habits.

Seeing as how my next guest's expertise revolves around these topics, you'd be forgive for assuming that it'd be an easy fit for a conversation.

However, as these things do, 5mn into it...those assumptions took a Swan Dive out the window.

This is why I'm always honest when I tell people I never really know where these conversations are gonna go even when I hit Record. And today's exchange can serve as yet another example as to why that's actually a good thing.

As a High Performance, Breath & Strength Coach, Cam MacDougall and I had never actually met before this call. But as soon as we got into it, I was introduced to a guy with a troubled past, a colourful journey, some pretty liberating truths as well as a sense of purpose I had never experienced before.

Filled with an honest, vulnerable account of his journey, wise observations, lessons learned from his 'blemishes'(not 'mistakes') and incredibly palpable Love for others...this conversation was a special one.

On this episode, we talk about recognizing the signs when your environment no longer serves you, redefining masculinity, acceptance of others but most importantly yourself, and so much more.

You can connect with Cam via Instagram as well as his official website.


One thing about success that we can all surely agree on is that despite the fact that you can go at it alone, it sure helps if you can rely on someone with the knowledge and experience to guide you and make your journey a bit smoother along the way.

As my next guest will tell you, this is especially relevant in the realm of professional sports where so many of our youths too often find themselves blindsided by the allure of fame and glory without factoring in some other aspects that come into play such as character and accountability.

Coach Raymond Ndjonok Tonye has a comprehensive and unique personal as well as professional background. From being an elite Canadian student-athlete who earned a full athletic scholarship to attend the University of Northern Colorado and play NCAA Division I Football, he knows firsthand how the power of sports can influence a person's life when approached with the right plan, structure and mindset.

A captivating public speaker, student-athlete, mentor, coach and strength and condition specialist certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), Coach Ray is the Founder and Managing Director of the XC10 Sports & Leadership Center, where his 20+ years of experience in a competitive sports environment as a student-athlete, coach and mentor have proven as quite essential tools in both understanding as well as catering to the goals, perspectives and reality of student-athletes and their parents alike.

On this episode, Coach Ray shares his insights on navigating the delicate balance between ego and humility, his unshakeable commitment to his students-athletes, recognizing the importance of academics just as much as athletics, accountability both on and off the field, the importance of making your bed...and so much more.

You can connect with Coach Ray via Instagram as well as his official website.
One of the recurring themes that has come out of this time off that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed on us is that a lot of people have used this newfound free time to explore facets of their creative impulses that they otherwise wouldn't have.
It's no secret that the those in the Creative Arts have been severely affected by current events. However, as my next guest has demonstrated, one cannot restrain the creative urge, pandemic be damned.
Isaac Alvarez is a commercial photographer, director, and artist based in Los Angeles, California.
His immense love of photographing people has lead him to work with some of the top public relations firms in Beverly Hills.
Well known for his dramatic portraits that resonate emotions, his images offers viewers a powerful insight into the lives of his subjects. While his images are often on the edge of any situation, photographing the situation is not nearly as interesting as photographing the edges of human emotions.
Isaac specializes in portrait and commercial photography with a touch of fashion and editorial.  His photographs have appeared in various media including magazines, posters, commercials, billboards, catalogs, and advertising materials.
On this short, yet very candid and energetic episode, Isaac inspires us with his words of truth as he encourages us to believe in ourselves, put in the effort, relying on our team and daring to be impactful along our journey of growth and impact. 
Make sure to follow and show some love for Isaac's wonderful #HearMe Movement portrait series, aimed at spreading positivity through a simple message captured on a video call.
I want to thank Isaac for his gracious time and availability as he took our call while actually on set of his on ongoing "Making A Portrait" interview/documentary series where he gives us a front-row seat to the creative and production process of making his incredible portraits - while interviewing his subjects at the same time.
You can connect with Isaac via Instagram as well as his official website.
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How far can your journey take you when you make no apologies for what you want, own up to who you are and lean into to your own sense of purpose?
Turns out today's guest just might be able to shed some light on the topic.
Jonathan Perry - aka J.Perry - is all about that and then some. With a love for music birthed from a very young age, growing up in his native Port-au-Prince, Haiti, J's passion and exploration of various musical styles were just of a series of incredible stepping stones towards some pretty awesome heights.

With the help and support of his family as well as a host of various collaborators, from talented producers to a skillful management team, J rapidly made his mark onto the music scene not just in Haiti but abroad.
Indeed, when your song, namely "Dekole", gets chosen as the theme song for your country's National Carnival while subsequently ending up as a featured heavy-rotation on an official Zumba Fitness soundtrack, you know you're doing something right.
But since there's no stopping this relentless achiever, is it any wonder he's collaborated with musical titans the likes of Wyclef JeanSean Paul or Cláudia Leitte?
Or that his single, Bouje, was featured on Disney Pixar's Cars 3 soundtrack?
I'm certainly not surprised. 
Say what you want about talent, opportunity or just plain luck - none of it matters without that essential seed that all achievers know will make that impactful difference : the choice to believe.
By all accounts, this conversation was a truly invaluable one, be it for its incredible depth as well as its impactful energy. And I'm grateful to J for allowing us this incredible opportunity to see the world from his singular perspective.


You can connect with J.Perry via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as well as his official website.


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"Grind while they sleep"
"Don't stay in bed unless you can make money in bed"
"Sleep when you're dead"
How many of these memes, quotes or photos have you seen lately glorifying the almighty "Hustle"?
I sure have. I've even shared a couple myself. You guys know I never set aside the importance of having to put in the work and sacrifice to achieve your intended success.
Today's conversation however, gave me pause as it left me full of respect, humility and hope. Thing is, my next guest, Ian Farrar, had experienced the ups and downs of an incredible career in a way that very few people can truly understand.
As a sales professional, entrepreneur and founder of Far North Ltd and Carpeway Ltd, Ian has over 20 years in global business development roles.  With a strong, global network of influential contacts to call on, Ian has founded, scaled and exited companies in his native North East.  Ian also has impressive experience holding non-executive directorships for public sector organizations.
As a self-confessed Social Evangelist, Ian embraces relationships across many social platforms.  Founding and hosting the UK’s top-ranking business podcast Industry Angel, saw Ian nominated for a 2016 European influencer award alongside juggernauts Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris.
As an accomplished keynote speaker, Ian often shares his burn out experience that landed him pushing through business meetings with beta blockers and ultimately collapsing in the hospital.  
Ian subsequently fired himself from corporate life in 2015.  With a calling to share his thoughts on culture and leadership, Ian speaks passionately about the need for leaders to protect their teams from workplace stress. In addition, Ian also explains his love of personal branding through content creation and calls for his audience to begin their own projects as "no one is coming to save you".
This incredible conversation was a blessing in disguise. Ian's personal account was a welcome reminder that we have an inherent responsibility to take care of our mental health and that success, however that looks for you, should not come at the expense of your personal wellbeing. 
You can connect with Ian via TwitterFacebook, YouTube as well as his official website.
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I believe there's a huge difference between collaborating with your significant other as spouses as opposed to running a business together.
Some things just do not mix. Those are my own personal reservations and I'm sure I'm not the only one in that regard.
But, there are those who subscribe to the other school of thought: with the emphasis that building and running a business with your spouse can be a welcome opportunity for creativity, team-building, resourcefulness and yes, even strengthened intimacy.
I never shy away from the opportunity to admit what I don't know and to learn a thing or two. Which is what got me pretty excited when I linked up and invited my next guests, Liz & Philippe, to be on the program. 
As the founders and owners of the amazingly inspiring and aptly-named Dueling Cups Coffee & Tea, this husband & wife dynamic duo were a gem to sit down and talk to. Indeed, getting the perspective from two people who took a dream and made it their commitment to execute and materialize, come what may was pretty inspiring.
From Liz's conviction to listen to The Universe and take the Leap to Phil's initially fearful yet supportive involvement, to the two of them bringing their dream to a successful light, such a breath of energy and truth cannot be understated.
On this episode, Liz & Phil give us a firsthand look into the ups and downs of building a business from scratch, the relentless mindset, the importance of teamwork, believing in yourself as well as each other and so much more...
You can connect with Liz & Philippe via Facebook, YouTubeInstagram, as well as their official website.

*This episode originally aired on February 18th, 2020*
Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs, and among the latter is the isolation.

The fact that you put in so many insane hours can get maddening at times. So when someone out there in The Universe drops a comment...sends a DM...an email...or shares a review...Believe me - a guy is quite appreciative.

This is, in a nutshell, how I met and got to connect with my next guest, Erika Darbouze, and felt quite taken with her journey both as an Entrepreneur and business-owner.

You guys probably think I'm joking when I tell you this but I truly do read all of your comments. And it's throughout our various exchanges, when I came to embrace a fellow achiever's Awesome journey as something that I personally considered near and dear to my heart, that I thought : "Why not have her on the podcast as well...?"

Erika is the founder and CEO of Haiti's Corner, a B2B Export Marketing Firm, whose mission is aimed at introducing and promoting the Haitian Culture to the world through its impressive catalog of brands and various products.

As you'll soon discover, Erika is a definite and powerful example of how one can align skill, training, resourcefulness and dedication to a righteous and noble cause.

On this empowering episode, we discuss the importance of not watering down one's heritage, personal truth, dedication to the bigger picture, and how mindset is the keystone of success.

When you find yourself in the fortunate position to walk a path of genuine purpose and truth, you're already ahead of the pack.


You can connect with Erika via InstagramFacebook, Linkedin as well the Haiti's Corner official website.

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