Before we get things going and and tune in to another incredible exchange...I thought it'd be useful to remind you guys of a couple of things...

Along your will most certainly...

- find reasons to question why you're doing what you're doing

- encounter numerous situations where things will get rather confusing

- deal with naysayers

- spend many hours...days...months...where the only thing getting you through and on to the next level is your own unshakable resilience

... remember one thing: You are not alone. You are not crazy.

I honestly met my next guest Naga Subramanya only a couple of weeks ago. As curator and host of the The Passion People Podcast, Naga focuses on the stories of people who follow their dream to make their passions manifest in tangible ways. 

Naga is also Finance Professional and works on his podcast as he is passionate about meeting new people and sharing their stories with the world. He took a year off in 2016 and wrote all about it in 52 blog posts that he released every week before embarking on this podcast journey.

Our encounter and the conversations that eventually sparked from it, including the one you'll soon hear, have in many ways been a welcome reassurance that no matter how overwhelming the journey, you do not have to go at it alone.

This was a short but impactful conversation filled with a ton of incredible advice for those of us committed to their efforts and putting it the work - every day.

Whether it be podcasting or any personal venture that you dedicate yourself to, when your mission comes from a place of genuine purpose and service, and if you happen to love what you do, incredible encounters will reveal themselves sooner than you think.

You can connect with Naga via Twitter. Also be sure to follow the Passion People Podcast via Twitter or Facebook and be sure to Subscribe/Like/Rate/Share the podcast via Apple Podcasts or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

You'd think I'd be used to this by now - but I'd be lying if I told you that were the case. Sometimes, you take a step a back after a recording, and you have to take it in and ask yourself: "Did that really happen?"

I've been a fan of my next guest's work and craft for over 10+ years as he has quite honestly been one of my podcasting and photography heroes. Indeed, a lot of the effort I've put into this very podcast you're listening to have been, in many ways, inspired by him. And he certainly has the track record to show for it.

With over 25 years of experience in the photographic industry, Ibarionex Perello is the author 6 successful books including Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography Using Available Light and his latest, Making Photographs : Developing a Personal Visual Workflow.

As a podcaster, he is the producer and host of the wildly popular The Candid Frame podcast,  which he has been producing and hosting for 13 years as of this recording. After nearly 500 episodes, his dedication and exemplary consistency have made this podcast a staple within photography circles.

As a remarkable photographer, his photographs and articles have appeared in numerous publications and websites including Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, Rangefinder, and Popular Photography just to name a few.

As an educator, he is a course instructor at the Los Angeles Center of Photography where he heads regular workshops on Street Photography.

With a sense of genuine warmth and kindness, Ibarionex shared his personal insights on dedication, consistency, doing the work, not buying into your own hype, his recent diagnosis with ADHD and so much more...

What's it like to meet your heroes? Thanks to a delightful combination intent, action, preparation and opportunity, I got to find out.

This one was a very personal victory for me, in more ways than one. And yet another amazing conversation, which I hope you'll enjoy.

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You can connect with Ibarionex via his official Instagram page as well as his official website and Twitter.

He and I have not known each other that long, but as these things happen, when you realize that you both resonate on the same frequency, you run with it. What has since transpired is indeed a mutual respect as well as a growing friendship for which I am truly honored.

Mubariz Hayat, more commonly known among familiar circles as "Moby" for short - not THAT Moby - isn't just a savy Marketer, active podcaster, daring entrepreneur, insightful storyteller and ferocious content creator, but also, throughout our various interactions, happens to be an all-around warm and spirited individual. Qualities that truly stand out in this next conversation.

On this episode, one that was a long time coming, Moby shares amazing stories of his personal journey traveling from Pakistan to the United States, his patience, discipline and resilience while awaiting his green card, staying curious and trying different things along one's journey, and of course, never settling...

Through curiosity, kinship and just plain whimsical human interaction, I had the opportunity to connect with a guy a who has truly nothing short of a gentleman and a treasure trove of practical tips and amazing insights.

Another terrific conversation which I do hope you'll enjoy. 

I always try to learn something from these conversations. One of the issues I'd been dealing with recently is how to properly reconnect with my Haitian heritage.

Leaving home is never easy but keeping in touch with your roots is, I believe, a  necessary part of stepping into your authentic self.

Which is why I felt it was such a necessity to have my next guest on the program.

As one half of the creative duo she forms with her incredibly talented husband, Monvelyno, Riva Nyri is one of those incredible souls that are on such another level of personal truth and empowering magic, that all you can do is listen.

Talented dancer, choreographer, children's author, jeweler, well as a truly incredible singer...Riva's body of work is a manifestation of what we often speak about on this podcast in regards to owning your personal truth and embracing your singular gift.

We spoke about the importance of celebrating one's culture, daring to see with an open mind, the power dreams, the richness of motherhood, not being limited by doing just one 'thing'..and so much more.

We're all trying to achieve a certain level of balance when in comes to the various facets of our lives.






When it comes that last one, and more specifically, marriage, I'm definitely an advocate for putting in the work towards making the necessary commitment for the long run.

But let's not kid ourselves - marriage is not easy. And when things don't work out and two people have to call it quits, there are some very real repercussions, emotional or otherwise that result from that.

My guest, Stephanie Delpe, is all but too familiar with this uncomfortable fact.

And it's with a sense of openness, vulnerability and reflection that she bravely chose to return and share her thoughts on this often overlooked truth.

On this episode, we discuss cultural upbringing, family expectations, the importance of hindsight, overlooking the signs, as well as acknowledging our sense of Self...

A conversation filled with honesty and truth which I do hope will allow you the necessary perspective, however useful, in your own journey.

Facing your demons is a very uncomfortable feeling. But the path towards growth means that one must undoubtedly tread through his or her fair share of discomfort.

This conversation was a long time coming. Not only because it covers a topic I've become quite vocal about, but also because it forced me to revisit my own journey towards acceptance.

Martin Binette, powerful speaker and mental health advocate was the one I reached out to when I had reached a point where the stress, anxiety, confusion and darkness were rather hard to deal with. 

Indeed, it takes a very keen sense of patience, wisdom, and empathy to help someone out in this particular kind of need. 

Having dealt with mental health issues in his right for over 20 years, Martin is no stranger to the kind of toxic and oftentimes destructive internal dialogue that can lead to some unfortunate outcomes.

Neither Martin nor I are therapists or mental health specialists...but if this exchange can encourage you to seek the help that you or a loved one might need, then all the better.

You can connect with Martin via his official blog, Entre Les Deux OreillesTwitter, as well the official Facebook page where a dynamic and welcoming community is always available.

You never know how far your dreams can and will take if you don't allow yourself the simple opportunity to find out.

It's gonna be scary, daunting, exhausting, even frustrating but dreams are filled with wonder and excitement - which in turn lead to extraordinary memories and beautiful stories to tell.

Having recently launch her first EP, Hear Me Out, in 2018 and with her travels having taken her quite a few places from Singapore to Thailand, my next guest, Bella Forté, knows all too well that Life and Dreams will elevate you to the level of your hard work and commitment in the most amazing ways.

With a discipline and incredible work ethic matched only by her resounding personality and talented voice, BellA is the kind of person by whom one might feel quite humbled.  

We had a lot fun talking about her journey from the seed being planted at the early age of 5 to not letting your fears stop you from greatness. This one is a special one.

As we near our 100th episode, I wanted to take things back to the beginning and reach out to one of the first guests who, in their own special and gracious way, said 'Yes' to being on the program and sharing their story.

Jessica Cantave is a special being to say the least. With a sense of mindfulness and truth that has always inspired me and fueled our lifelong friendship over the years, it's always a welcome treat to have her on the podcast.

Special side note - when your guest is also your cousin, chances are very good that you'll hit a certain level of intimacy and vulnerability that can only help towards a better understanding of your own personal growth.

On this touching episode, we touch on lot of personal insights and individual perspectives on Life, Laughter, Love and even Loss...

You never have to look to far for an amazing conversation.

This one was totally unplanned, unrehearsed and got very intimate in a lot of ways which you'll soon find out.


You don't just wake up one day and have Success simply waiting for you on the breakfast table.

If there's anything to be gained from the powerful conversations I've had the privilege to share with you so far, it's the very real fact that Success is not a coincidence, not an event, but a mindset.

To seek, speak, embody and achieve Success is a truly powerful endeavor. It takes patience, dedication, grit, humility and the will to stay persistent through the good times and the bad.

For those who have chosen to walk the path of personal growth and achievement, there happens to a word that plainly resonates with us all and defines this particular state of mind: 

we call them winners.

An empowering disposition that has defined my next guest, David Germain, and journey from humble childhood beginnings to a top-level Real Estate broker, savvy investor,  motivational speaker, youth counselor and all-around impactful being.

David's intense, no nonsense yet always humble words were such a welcome treat as we discussed the importance of not letting your origins define your destination, freeing yourself from your own limiting beliefs, being relentless with your vision and efforts, and so much more...

You can connect with David via his official Instagram page as well as his official website.

You can also contact David directly at :

July 30, 2019

Ep. 093 - Tic. Toc.

On this solo episode - Reiterating the importance of consideration and mindfulness when choosing who and what we spend our most valuable resource on.

Thank you for listening.

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