April 10, 2018

Ep. 030 - Do not be anxious. Recalibrate. (w. Tanguy Exume)

Blessed. 'Tis indeed the word. When you come out the other end of yet another powerful and thought-provoking exchange - all you do is take a second, breathe it in and realize that certain opportunities, connections, conversations and people are truly a blessing.

My guest, Tanguy Exume, was nothing short of an amazing spirit to have on the program. With a genuine philosophy of kindness, resilience, patience and mindfulness, there was no time for questions - only for listening. And sometimes, too often actually, we lose sight of how important this simple act can be.

Wearing a variety of hats ranging from - and I'm not making these up - dedicated Crossfit Athlete,  to Poet, to published author, to Teacher, to Salsa Insctructor, to most notably and closest to my heart, loving husband and father...Tanguy is a singular expression of eclectic Awesomeness.

Stoicism, acceptance, personal truth, recalibration(a word I'll be using quite often going forward in regards to shifting my internal dialogue)...the guy is a wealth of perspective and wisdom.

A conversation that most assuredly could have gone on for much longer...but nap-time is an unpredictable foe. But a terrific exchange by all accounts.

I do hope you enjoy this exchange as we certainly enjoyed bringing it to you.


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