February 9, 2018

Ep. 017 - Algorithmically concerned (Photo Friday Special) w. Dimitri Rousseau

It's nice to get the gang back together again. 2018 is full of surprises and we try to keep things as Awesome as ever with a boatload of new guests, topics and fun-filled spontaneity to round it all up!

On this episode, I catch up with my man Dimitri Rousseau(Vivardy Boursiquot & Koralie Woodward were unfortunately not available for this recording) and I set out to reflect on a couple a topics that have sparked our mutual interests...such as:

- Who still prints?

- Has a location's Instagrammability - yes, that's a word - devalued the very allure of Travel Photography?(*Reference article; via The Guardian)

- The rise and decline of popular photography (*Reference article; by Ming Thein)

- Friends are clients too

Yondr (cell phone Live event lock pouch technology) (*Reference article; via CBC News)

...and a whole lot more.

I do hope you enjoy this exchange as we certainly enjoyed bringing it to you.

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