October 7, 2017

Ep. 008 - Looking ahead (w. Stephanie Delpe)

Curve-ball...Setback...Call it what you want - I'm well aware that this thing called Life is riddled with events that fall under the umbrella 'unpredictable'. However, when you come across an unforeseen circumstance that throws you for a loop you didn't see coming, let's agree there a very few reasons to sugarcoat it : it just sucks.

On this very candid and no less personal episode, I welcome back the charming and undaunted Stephanie Delpe (IG: @justme_smd) who, in her own words, fought against the natural instinct to shutdown and close off, and instead, show a tremendous example of vulnerability and transparency.

We touch on the wisdom brought on by perspective, the importance of humility, reflect on our personal choices...and a heck of a lot more.

Here's to new new chapters, and looking ahead, heads high.

I do hope you enjoy this exchange as we certainly enjoyed bringing it to you.

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